My Other Set of Hands - Full Service Personalized Support
Hello.....I'm Sharon Korter. I'm a Professional Personal Assistant, and I would love to offer my helping hands to make your life easier .
You're probably here on my website because someone who knows you, knows me too and has told you how great it was to be able to enjoy their party instead of work their party, have help with a project, or have some meals prepared. 
I have created this business because I love entertaining, and I really love having the opportunity to provide assistance to my clients in any area that will help them be more organized, less frazzled or simply take a project off their hands. 
I invite you to contact me and find out how I can help you"Be a Guest at your Next Soiree', assist you administratively, or help with organization. Let me know if you need something I haven't mentioned. I'll do my best!
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